It's Time to Have FUN with Your Horse

It's Time to Have FUN with Your Horse

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Versatile Horsemanship Approach

The bedrock of our successful horse training program begins with a strong foundation that sets every horse up with the skillsets needed for a lifetime of success. Our horsemanship focus emphasizes teaching your horse to respond versus react and to build the confidence to safely excel with you in your chosen discipline.

Whether you are struggling with an unwanted behavior that’s holding you back and making the time spent with your horse less enjoyable or you feel like you lack the skills or experience to progress your horse towards your goals on your own, our honest and supportive training program is designed to keep owners up to date about your horse's training and involved in the process so that you both feel prepared to have fun and excel together when you take your horse home.

Ranch Versatility

From the trail to the obstacle course, your horse will have the body control to confidently navigate obstacles on the trails and around the ranch.

Problem Solving

Your horse will learn new ways to approach the areas you are feeling stuck so that you can both work together in partnership towards your goals.

Colt Starting

Begin your horse's education with a strong versatile horsemanhip foundation on the ground and under saddle.


Have a ton of fun in a supportive community with a knowledgeable and supportive trainer who can help you achieve your competition goals.

What Others Have To Say

"Dan and Dawn Chambers of Chambers Horsemanship are amazing people. We took our 2 1/2 year old quarter horse gelding to them for training, because we wanted our horse to also learn respect and patience, not just walk , trot and canter. Dan and Dawn went above and beyond our expectations with my horses' training. We recently brought our horse back home after 4 months of training, and I am excited to start our journey together whether it be on trails or in the show ring. I know if any issues arrive that Dan and Dawn will be there to lend a helping hand.  Thank you very much,"

  • - Cindy and my horse Ramsey

  Cindy and my horse Ramsey!-

"It felt like my horse and I would take 1 step forward and 2 steps back every week for years. We were getting stuck and frustrated with each other. I was on the fence about finding a trainer and it was a difficult decision because I'm not from the area and don't know very many people. I am so grateful that I finally took the leap and impulsively reached out to Chambers Horsemanship. Dawn responded to me very quickly and took the time to understand my concerns on the phone. The entire process was helpful and I really feel like Dawn and Dan were able to work with me and my horse together. My confidence with my horse and my riding had really decreased in the last few years and this entire experience has helped so much with that. They were able to put in time and training with my horse which she needed but also give me the confidence to change my riding and keep up with the work after I brought my horse home. Now trail riding has gone from being stressful and anxiety provoking to a fun activity that we both look forward to. We have been able to continue the arena work without getting stuck. One of the things I am most thankful for is having a toolbox of things I can try when my horse and I do get frustrated or aren't clicking, even though that happens less often now. I cannot thank Dawn and Dan enough for their advice, time, and support! It's been invaluable to me!"

-Amanda Fries

"The first time I saw Dawn riding it was like watching magic.  The connection between her and her horse was remarkable.  Dawn rode into the arena as natural as fish swimming in water. It was beautiful! I knew right then Dawn would be my trainer and coach. In a short time Dawn trained my Gypsy Vanner colt to be confident, quite, patient and responsive.  He is now a horse willing to execute any obstacle I put before him with a foundation to succeed in any discipline. Everywhere I take my colt people are amazed on how well he was started.  You’ve heard it said that behind every great horse is an amazing trainer. That trainer is Dawn Chambers from Chambers Horsemanship. Dawn will train your horse to be quiet, patient, responsive and confident. Free from tricks and gimmicks she will train your horse to be a lifelong partner. Dawn gives thought to what she’s asking the horse to do, how she’s going to ask him to do it and is consistent in doing so. She keeps the communication open with you as she progress through the training/teaching-journey openly sharing her knowledge and experience. Dawn will expose your horse to many different obstacles and challenges giving the horse confidence so that when you are riding your horse he’s willing with confidence. Dawn creates a partnership between you and your horse resulting in a fun and exciting life long partnership.  Your horse can with confidence and quietness, conquer any obstacle you place before him. I live in Oklahoma, when I heard that Dawn Chambers from Chambers Horsemanship at S&W Quarter Horses was accepting outside horses for training I immediately got on Dawn’s books. I sent my ground broke colt to Dawn Chambers at Chambers Horsemanship, when I picked him up, he was a quiet riding horse, responsive and able to do all transitions I asked.  Together we have applied our training from Dawn and traveled down many trails, competed successfully in horse shows, obstacle challenges and daily work cattle at our ranch."

-Pam McCaslin

"I looked for a trainer that would give us and our horses a strong, solid foundation. What I found was a great team in Dan and Dawn Chambers at Chambers Horsemanship. We were extremely pleased with the horses we got back. The girls left a bit unruly, needing direction and guidance and came back soft, confident, respectful, well-rounded trail riding horses. In just eight weeks, Dawn and Dan had both girls under saddle, riding out confidently alone, ready for us to take over the reins. We wasted no time hitting the trails. Our girls are well on their way thanks to Chambers Horsemanship. I look forward to working with them again and would highly recommend."

-Tania Herke

I bought Jewels in the summer of 2022 to use on the farm to check cows and sort on.  Jewels is a pretty fancy bred cutting mare with some buttons.  She was handy broke and wanted to please but there were some issues that she had that made those tasks a little stressful for both she and I.  Although very well broke, she had one primary issue that really dictated how everything else went.  She was really anxious when it came to new situations.  Although I have trained countless young horses and tuned up plenty of others when I was younger, I didn’t have the time I knew would be required to get Jewels past her anxiety issues.  A friend of mine told me about Chambers Horsemanship so I contacted Dawn.  We talked for a while and I gave her the background.  Basically, she had been started as a 4 year old and some of the important lessons were skipped.  When I dropped her off I gave Dawn a wish list.  Although not a skeptic, I am an experienced realist so I knew it was unlikely that she would be able to check all of those boxes in only two months – especially considering she was facing December and January.  Dawn and I talked weekly through the entire process and she sent me progress videos with each new task/milestone.  I visited multiple times over the two months and witnessed the progress first-hand.  I brought her home on February 1st.  Due to the weather, I wasn’t able to ride her for the first week.  I saddled her up on a windy, cool Sunday afternoon and I couldn’t believe the change.  Dawn had told me early on that Jewels’ issues were more about confidence than anything else and that was going to be her primary focus.  On our first ride, Jewels was a different horse.  The situations that had hindered her before (mud, creeks, squealing pasture buddy) were no longer a source of anxiety.  Although Dawn hadn’t really been able to expose her to very many outside days due to the weather, she taught her how to be confident.  The change happened in her mind and the lessons she learned inside (mainly) had translated to outside when I got her home.   The same situations that turned into bit chewing, constant feet movement, and sweat two months earlier almost seemed like routine to her on the very first ride back home.  Her focus and attention were on me and not her surroundings.  The exercises and foundation that Dawn gave her over the two months were all designed to engage her mind and to redirect when needed.  When I picked her up Dawn went over the cues with me and I headed home.  

-Brock Brewster

Training Program Details

A 90-day minimum commitment is required for most training programs. A $300 deposit is required to secure your horse's spot in training.

Full Board and Care are included in your horse's training program while with Chambers Horsemanship

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of feed do you provide for your horses, and why did you choose Sentinel Products by Kent Feeds?

Our horses thrive on a diet centered around Sentinel Extruded Pelleted feeds from Kent Feeds, renowned for their easily digestible formulation. The superior nutritional profile of these pellets contributes to the overall well-being of our horses, enhancing their appearance and behavior. Additionally, we complement this feed with high-quality grass hay to ensure a balanced and wholesome diet.

Sentinel Feeds:

"We’re passionate about protecting your horse’s well-being, so we created Sentinel®, a complete line of 100% extruded, nutrient release formula feeds to meet your horse’s developmental, physiological and activity requirements. Sentinel is made with low-starch and low-sugar ingredients which incorporate built-in fat and fiber. Extrusion of horse feeds is the most technologically advanced method of equine feed processing, offering a safe and natural way to provide multiple nutritional and digestive benefits." -

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Where will my horse be stabled during training?

During your horse's training, it will be comfortably housed in our spacious 12x12 stalls within our well-heated barns, equipped with automatic water systems. Regular turnouts are provided in our dry lot, arena, or round pen to ensure your horse enjoys both exercise and fresh air. Please note, for the safety of all training horses, we do not turn them out with other horses.

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What is the recommended duration for my horse's training program?

The duration of your horse's training program is a personalized decision based on your and your horse's unique horsemanship journey. To ensure effective progress, we suggest a minimum commitment of 90 days. This timeframe allows us to understand your horse's individual needs, comprehend their thought processes, and equip them with the essential tools to achieve their goals. Ultimately, the length of the training program is a collaborative choice, acknowledging both your aspirations and your horse's current developmental stage.

Is it possible to visit my horse while they are undergoing training?

Absolutely! We encourage you to visit your horse regularly to stay informed about their training progress. Witnessing the training firsthand allows you to understand the techniques being used and prepares you for a successful reunion when your horse returns home.

Can I actively participate in the training process for my horse?

Absolutely! As part of our program, you'll receive up to four one-hour lessons each month. During the initial month, you'll have the opportunity to observe our team's training sessions. From the second month onward, you can choose to be hands-on with your horse, working alongside our team for guidance. This ensures you stay actively involved and informed about your horse's ongoing learning journey.

How frequently can I expect updates on my horse's development and training?

You can expect regular updates on your horse's progress every week. These updates may consist of photos and, occasionally, a brief video. We understand the significance of keeping you informed about your horse's development and goals, and we are committed to providing you with timely and meaningful updates each week

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