Get To Know the Family Behind Chambers Horsemanship

Meet the Family Behind Chambers Horsemanship

Are you struggling in taking your horse to the next level?
Do you find yourself unsure about the next step to take?
Are you looking for new ways to enjoy your horse and a supportive community to encourage you?

We understand those feelings and the need for support along our horsemanship journeys. We believe that spending time enjoying our horses is best experienced when surrounded by wonderful friends, mentors, and a strong support team.

Welcome to Chambers Horsemanship, where we are a caring family of horsemen and women dedicated to helping horse owners maximize the fun that they have with their horses. We invest our time and knowledge into empowering you to achieve your goals with your horse. Whether you join us for lessons, clinics, training, or sale horses, we work together as a family to assist you and your horse.

Our family consists of husband and wife team, Dan and Dawn, and our two sons, Levi and Cole. We have been fortunate to have had exceptional mentors and worked with top professionals in western performance and natural horsemanship who have helped shape our versatile horsemanship journey. Countless hours have been devoted to studying home courses, attending in-person clinics, receiving private lessons, and benefiting from the guidance of experienced mentors. We take pride in our successful training, competition, and sale horses, from high-level performers to ranch horses and trail companions.

Our achievements in the show pen include numerous Championships including State, National, and World Championships in various disciplines such as Ranch Riding, Trail In-Hand, Trail Under Saddle, and Freestyle. We have excelled in both Open and Youth divisions, consistently proving our dedication to success.

In our lesson program, we offer you the flexibility to choose the instructor who best aligns with your goals or explore different specialists for specific objectives. When it comes to our training program, we carefully match your horse with the professional who can provide the optimal guidance for you and your horse. Additionally, we offer the advantage of multiple riders working with your horse throughout the program, ensuring that each horse is prepared fully for their job ahead. For those considering our colt starting program, we prioritize their needs by having various riders from the Chambers Horsemanship family ride the horse before it returns to you. Our love for versatility extends to our emphasis on trail riding, as we believe in giving horses the opportunity to explore new horizons. We invest the necessary time and effort to prepare both you and your horse for exciting adventures ahead.

As for our sale horses, they undergo our versatile training program, gaining valuable experience in the arena, on the ranch, and out on the trails. Before becoming available, they are ridden by multiple riders of different ages. Our aim is to provide well-rounded, safe, calm, and versatile horses on the ground and under saddle who are ready to excel in their new homes.

At Chambers Horsemanship, we genuinely care about your journey and are committed to assisting you in reaching new levels with your horse. Join our Horsemanship family and experience what it's like to have fun with your horse alongside like-minded individuals who share your passion!

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